Examples of services delivered


Shipment: arranging shipments from and to Thailand via sea freight, airfreight and courier.

Customs : coordination with customs office, shipping agents and clearance companies.

Documents : translation and  preparation of all necessary documents for customs and shipping agents.

Business connections

Meetings: coordination and organization of  encounters and conferences.

Products: product sourcing, visiting suppliers, placing and following up orders, e.g. in textile and garments, health products and handicraft.

Office set-up : identifying location and installing business premises.

Web-site: design and set-up of web presence addressing Thai target publics.


Personal travel : taking care of, and assisting in, all personal needs, such as visa, flights, airport reception, hotels or  apartment booking for leisure or business trips, to Bangkok and other provinces.

Group tours : organization of travels (flights, hotels, visas, etc) and accompanying groups with knowledgeable local guides.


Translation : documents of various nature, such as legal documents and contracts, web-sites, business brochures, etc

Interpretation : availability of simultaneous interprets with various specialisations or consecutive interpretation for individuals and in meetings.


Site surveys : evaluating and researching tour routes.

Community- and Eco-Tourism : organization of trips or tours in close connection to local communities, e.g. in connection with local craft (tourism, agriculture, etc).

Legal services

Business creation: registration of companies, partnerships, branches and representative offices.



Facilitating contacts, travels, business

between Thailand and Europe